Determining the Target Audience for a New Website

Before you create a website, you want to learn about the people that you are creating the website for. If you are designing a website for senior citizens, you want a website that would look very different from what you’d create for recent college graduates.

The best way to determine who the website is for is to create a questionnaire that you can be using with all your prospective clients in the future.

22895934531_f870bf286e_bSuch an approach has a lot of benefits. By designing a questionnaire you will save time because you will not have to be coming up with questions in the future. You can also make your work more effective and efficient because you can include all the questions you want, make sure once that you didn’t forget anything, and then be sure that the questionnaire has all the information that you need.

Start with figuring out how many types of customers a business or a non-profit has and why they would come to the website. For example, a business may have employees that need to use the website schedule their shifts and learn the latest work-related updates. It may also have prospects that would come to the website in order to learn more about the business. Finally, it may have existing customers who would visit the website to place orders and learn about what’s new.

After you identify different groups of website visitors, ask your clients to describe each type in detail. For example, prospects may believe certain myths about the business or the industry. In this case, you’d need to include articles and descriptions that point out to why what the prospects believe is wrong and explain how things really work.

Finally, you want to know the desired outcomes from website visits for every visitor group. For example, a website may offer exclusive discounts or help customers choose the products that they need by walking them through some kind of process.

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