Building Website Personas and Scenarios

When you are creating a website, it is useful to always have in mind people that will be visiting the website.

For this reason, you may choose to create an avatar for every visitor group. Avatars are also known as personas. An avatar or a persona is an imaginary person that you create. This person typically has a name that you invent and often even a picture. You would then include gender, age, occupation, income and other details. The idea behind inventing an avatar is to make the website visitors come alive in the minds of the people that will be working on the website.

6131642887_a673ca9abbOne of the ways to create a very accurate avatar is to interview the actual customers of the business. Here’s an example of how your avatar could look like: Janet, 25, lives in Brooklyn, New York and earns $60,000 a year. Janet is a recent graduate of the New York University. She was born and raised in New Jersey, right across the river from New York City, in a middle-class family. She has two roommates and a dog. She has been working at her job for two years. She wants a new job and she needs to figure out how she can prepare for an interview, find the best job possible and negotiate a higher salary because she feels that she is worth more than what she is currently being paid at her job.

After you create your avatar, you want to create scenarios for the website. Scenarios are various situations that involve the avatars. For example, a scenario for Janet may be that she met a recruiter at a networking event and now needs to prepare for an interview. This will tell you that she will be looking for a website or information about how to interview effectively. By considering various scenarios, you will have a better context that you can later use to design the architecture of the website.

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